Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Final Countdown... WAKE UP!!!

"I now have new respect for the people who figured out how to make the Segway stand up." -- Eric Jordan, Team Awesome Monkeys, creators of Rollcats

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rollcats v1.01 - aka Dean Kamen's early years

Eric's attempts at grasping how the Segway's wheels work (digitally) fail spectacularly.

Rollcats v1

Halfway.... trains are planes?

Rollcats -- RAHll or ROhl?

2008. Rollcats the videogame.

"I'm so happy!"

Morning, Day 2 - Dealin git-keys

Day 2 - Impromptu Cosi breakfast. Make coffee. Keys distributed, git repositories being set up. Documented in OmniGraffle.

Day 1 - Wheelin' Kitties

Day 1 - teams arrive. Contingency of Scratch aficionados breaks the programming language barrier in a most excellent way.

Ideas are thrown about, they include:

  • Racing
  • Construction
  • Ballistics (slingshots, cannon)
  • Tower destruction (with a purpose)
  • Underwater (buoyancy and current instead of gravity)
  • Simulating different environments
  • Billiards
  • Dolphins
  • Airplanes
  • Bridge building game
  • Visualization of physics scene properties
  • Springy elements!
  • Draw stuff and turn it into physics (using camera?)
  • Spirograph-like stuff
  • Bowling with bumpers

Friday, August 29, 2008

Psychaedlic Nirav

Instead of making your lives easier and working on making you templates and easy instructions, Nirav and I played around with an accidental psychedelic vision processing+projector+camera setup.


This year's game jam was fortunate enough to have two friend-of-OLPC prize contributors -- XOExplosion and iLoveMyXO.

iLoveMyXO has donated a laptop travel pack -- oooooooOOOOOooooo.

XOExplosion's Diane Serley will be coming by the jam and causing a ruckus with superballs, trophy mugs and a festival of OLPC-related swag.

Better start learning python, eh?

Welcome to the OLPC Physics Jam Update Blog

This blog will host photos, announcements, presentation links, audio presentations and other various media from the 2008 OLPC Physics Game Jam in Boston, MA.

Teams will have slightly less than 48 hours to complete a physics-based game or level for the OLPC XO laptop, using our new Box2D-based physics engine and pygame.

General jam schedule:

Friday - In-person attendees arrive, online attendees join #olpc-activities on and watch (1) this blog (2) our live/recorded video presentations . Everyone will be given instructions on setting up a git repository.

Saturday - When the work really gets done. Presentations on various aspects of game development will take place (music creation, sound design, etc).

Sunday - Frantic last-minute development. Hope you've been testing on the laptop all along (or remote participants: sending .xo bundles to 1CC/other laptop owners to test). Kids arrive at 2:30 for the testing session around 3 to 4pm. Pencils down, awards, swag given. POST-JAM FAIRE: Physics jam attendees may sit in on informal educational activities talk with educator Caryl Bigenho and OLPC VP of Learning David Cavallo.